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Interior Design: About

Design is not just what it
looks like and feels like.
                              Design is how it works.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Steve Jobs

Interior Design: Welcome

Commercial Interiors

We dedicate ourselves to any commercial interior you wish to design, whether it is turning your own vision into a coherent interior or whether it is creating a vision for you. We will help you to establish a design which will fulfill your aethetical wishes as well as serve your needs of functionality in the given space for the given purpose. Any detail will be taken into consideration, such as materials which you are allowed to use in your commercial interior or the placement of outlets for the electrical supply. We will adjust to your wishes and to your budget.

Interior Design: About
Freiwahl Tapete_edited.jpg

Pharmacy at Kreuzplatz Zurich
in collaboration with Margret Meinhardt

Interior Design: Inventory
Luxurious Bedroom

Residential Interiors

“My home is my castle’‘. This well known quote, reflects what ‚home‘ should feel like. With an amazing design that you can’t really relate to, you will soon become a stranger in your own home. Therefore, we focus on creating unique interiors that you can identify with. A design that reflects you as a person and which is functional to your daily routine. We adjust our services entirely to your needs and we will elaborate a concept together which doesn’t only match your taste, but also your lifestyle.

Interior Design: About
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